We support people to have a normal life everyday.

Unicare Company is a supplier of incontinence products with over 30 years of experience and dedication to enhancing quality of life for others.

We are proud of our incontinence products which are especially designed to help people live a normal life.

Who are we

Welcome to the Caribbean leading healthcare partner. We provide a comprehensive range of medical supplies and incontinence products. Healthcare providers across the Caribbean turn to us to better meet their patients’ needs. We help them improve patient outcomes, lower the total cost of care, and achieve superior environmental and CSR results.

Unicare Company provides affordable healthcare for everyone.

As a Unicare Company partner, you receive a comprehensive solution from a company that understands the unique demands of healthcare. Through our product range optimization and well thought-out ordering system – we help our customers to improve patient outcomes at a lower total cost and with greater resource efficiency.

We believe in the power of collaboration and therefore cherish long-term relationships. By working together we can eliminate all noise and unnecessary actions from the chain. Improving the supply chain together; every day again.

Environment, Corporate Social Responsibility and Quality

The consumption of our planet’s resources is ever-increasing. Our environment is facing serious threats and public awareness of this is growing daily. Unicare Company is passionate about supporting its customers and consumers in making informed purchase decisions. Underpinning our commitment to sustainable practice is then a simple philosophy of setting the standard.

At Unicare Company, we take responsibility for the entire value chain. We do this by ensuring that our products are produced under fair and environmentally friendly conditions, choose the most environmentally friendly transportation possible and by applying a quality philosophy that steers our work processes, environmental initiatives and social responsibility.

We are certified and exclusive supplier for the Caribbean of incontinence products with CO2-Neutral R certification. The CO2-Neutral R label is a globally recognized certification issued by CO2logic R , proves a real and measurable commitment to reduce and offset carbon emissions.

Sustainability Unicare Company Products

What we do

Unicare Company provides services and medical supplies to healthcare providers across the Caribbean. We are more than just a supplier – we serve as a partner to our customers. For us, being a partner means that we adopt the same goals as our customers and always strive for mutual success.

All across the Caribbean, healthcare systems are facing major challenges. The number of people needing care is on the rise as people are living longer. Many of these people are living with chronic diseases. Budget cuts and staff shortages are becoming the norm. And, in parallel, patients’ expectations of their healthcare providers are ever increasing.

As a partner that provides optimization services and medical supplies, we have a responsibility to play our part in solving these challenges – both for existing patients and for the future generation. Unicare Company enables our customers to provide the right care more quickly by providing the right expertise to be able to utilize them.

Delivery guarantee, no products out of stock

We found that the biggest problem facing care homes, institutions and hospitals is the constant supply of incontinence products. Right products out of stock, right sizes not available, lots of problems. You will never go wrong with our delivery guarantee. We ensure supply chain is optimized and no products are out of stock. This not only relieves your clients, but also your employees.

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