Provides effective leakage barriers to prevent leakage at night.

Our premium Magics Pyjama Pants are the thinnest diaper pants in the world. The Magical Tubes are specially designed to help distribute wetness evenly to guarantee optimal dryness and fit, locking away moisture up to 12 hours. This technology provide an excellent balance between dryness and leakage protection and help keep your baby sleeping longer. The surface feels soft and textile and allows the baby’s delicate skin to breathe.

A comfortable layer: Ultra soft & hypoallergenic materials in contact with the skin, a breathable micro-ventilated outer veil, a layer that adopts perfectly to its morphology thanks to stretch fasteners.

0% petrolatum, 0% chlorine, 0% dye, 0% latex & 0% perfume.

Your baby needs the best pyjama pants to stay dry at night. Magics Pyjama Pants will perfectly meet your expectations and have an excellent quality/price ratio.

Magics Pyjama Pants (4 – 7  years):  17 – 30 kg (15 per pack)

Magics Pyjama pants (8 – 15 years): 27 – 57 kg (12 per pack)

The best quality at the best price for all, our premium Magics Pyjama Pants.

  • Magical Tubes Technology
  • All-Round Stretchy
  • Up To 12 Hours Dry
  • Ultra Soft Texture
  • Extra Night Protection
Magics Pyjama Pants for kids at Unicare Company

Why choose Magics Pyjama Pants?

Our premium pyjama pants are the thinnest diaper pants in the world. these high absorbent diapers features Magical Tubes technology. Magics Pyjama Pants are manufactured in Europe in a CO2 Neutral certified plant. For the well-being of future generations we act for the environment. This is why all our partners production sites are powered by renewable energy.

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