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Benefits of Unicare Company Private Label

Why is Unicare Company private labeling the best solution for your company? Simply put, our products are of premium quality and are produced CO2 neutral. Read more about private labeling below:

1. Customization options

Almost all retailers depend on suppliers for all their products. If customer demand changes, this does not necessarily mean that the products also change quickly. In some cases, there is no new product offering despite the market demand. If you, as a retailer, have your own private label produced, you can be more flexible. In consultation with Unicare Company we can discuss the wishes and where possible adjust the product accordingly.

2. Control over production.

You can arrange this not only when quick adjustment is required. Another advantage of private labeling is that it gives more control over production. As a retailer you can decide on all aspects of your private label product. For example, you can define the amount of raw materials or arrange that the absorption value is higher or lower than other brands.

3. Control over prices and margins.

With private labeling, you as a retailer have control over the entire supply chain. You determine the cost price by composing your own brand product yourself. Products are made in a way that ensures the healthiest margins appropriate for your business.

4. Control your brand.

The problem with selling branded products is that it’s not your business that consumers are going to love. They develop loyalty to the creators of their favorite items, not the distributors. Private label products and their packaging bear your own name and branding. This also makes comparison with other retailers more difficult for customers.

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