What kind of baby care products should you use.

Get answers to frequently asked questions about Magics baby care products we sell.

Frequently asked questions

What is the correct sizing?

The right size is one of the most important conditions for a well-functioning diaper. A diaper must fit well around the legs, bottom and tummy of your baby. A good fit prevent leakage and ensures that your child can move easily.

A newborn baby usually has a size 1. Size 2 is intended for babies a few months old, but you can quickly switch to a size 3. You will probably use size 4 the longest, it’s intended for toddlers up to 18 kilos. If your child is almost potty trained he or she will fit size 5 and after that you can switch to diaper pants.

Shall I get diapers or pants?

Diapers are suitable for children who are not yet potty trained. They wear a diaper day and night. For children who are toilet trained, you can put on a nappy at night and nappy pants during the day. If your child is interested in the potty or toilet, you can gradually switch to diaper pants. Diaper pants are easy to put on and take off if your child wants to do a large or small errand. In time, your child can also raise or lower the diaper pants itself.

What is able to absorb?

This is the diaper’s ability to absorb and hold urine. The better that ability is, the more moisture the diaper can hold. A diaper that holds urine well is less likely to leak as long as the fit is good. If your child has sensitive skin, pay extra attention to the absorbency of the diaper. Keeping your baby’s skin dry will help prevent diaper rash.

Are your products comfortable?

With a comfortable diaper your baby will feel comfortable and move easily. Make sure the diaper is made of materials that are comfortable for your baby’s skin. Comfort is usually the most important factor when purchasing a diaper. The fit is also important for comfort. Diapers that fit well and give your child freedom of movement, have a comfortable fit.

How to use the baby care products?

With very small children or new born, you have to use a diaper day and night. The best diapers for this stage of life are the super absorbent diapers with ‘Flash Dry’ ®. Your new born baby has a very soft and delicate skin. Diaper rash can develop very quickly and is very painful for your baby. Flash Dry helps to keep your baby fresh and dry at any time and helps to prevent diaper rash, so that your baby is spared a lot of pain. To prevent irritations and rashes as much as possible, our diapers are dermatologically tested and free of perfume, chlorine bleach or natural rubber latex.

A useful urine indicator will show you when to change the diaper. To prevent leaks and sleepless nights, the fit is also very important. Gentle on the skin due to the use of very soft materials and nice fit thanks to soft and stretchy sides. Super soft absorbent top layer that keeps your child dry up to 12 hours, which is especially nice for the new mom and dad.

My baby is ready to crawl, what shall I buy?

Is your baby ready to crawl or likes to roll back and forth while changing, the diaper pants offer a good solution and come in handy. You can quickly put them on and off. Although you first have to take off your child’s pants, leggings or tights which is often seen as a disadvantage. The advantage is that you can easily remove the diaper pants, even with a large errand.

Our Diaper pants have the following advantages:

Due to the use of Super absorbent Pearle’s in combination with our ‘Flash Dry’® system and ‘Magical Tubes® the absorbent level is the highest and the diaper itself the thinnest in the world! Made of very soft material, dermatologically tested and free of perfume, chlorine bleach or natural rubber latex. This way you can be sure that they do not irritate your baby’s skin unnecessarily. Fitted with a stretchy waistband that fits nicely and double anti-leak barriers in the groin to prevent leaking. The air can circulate so baby’s skin can breathe. Keeps your baby dry for up
to 12 hours.

+ Gentle on the skin + Absorbs up to 12 hours + Perfect fit

Do you want a diaper for your active child that you can change easily and quickly? Then our diaper pants are perfect!

What shall I buy when my baby starts swimming?

Young babies love water, so swimming with your child is a lot of fun. It’s just not so pleasant when your future swimming champion has an accident in the water. Our swim diapers are specially designed for swimming with your child. These shorts for swimming are made of unique absorbent material. As a result, the swim diaper does not swell in the water like a regular diaper does.

You don’t have to worry about small accidents either, because the special anti-leak edges protect against them.

The best swim diapers for extra water fun!

Our swim diapers are specially designed for babies and come in three sizes; Size S for 3-8 kilo, Size M for 7-15 kilo and size L for 12 – 18 kilo.

With the resealable strips you can ‘open and close’ the diaper. When it’s time to get dressed again, the stretchy waistband makes it easy to take off the swim diaper.

The following features make these swim diapers very practical to use:

+ Resealable sides + Anti-leak edges + 3 different sizes

Read more about our swimming pants.

Why should I choose Unicare Company baby care products?

Unicare Company is committed to provide peace of mind to parents from the birth of their baby. We offer:

  • High-absorbency products and supplies.
  • Affordable baby care products for everyone.
  • Ultra thin products for ultimate comfort and protection.
  • Carbon neutral produced baby care products.

Does Unicare Company care about the environment?

Unicare Company supplies baby care products with CO2-Neutral certification. This CO2-neutral certification recognizes real and measurable commitments to sustainability efforts in manufacturing, sourcing and packaging.

What are the different product types Unicare Company sells?

We sell an array of baby care products, including:

  • Diapers
  • Diaper Pants
  • Pyjama Pants
  • Swim Pants
  • Bed Pads
  • Wet Wipes

How can I contact Unicare Company?

You can contact us by phone (+5999 6673747) or e-mail. Please check our contact page for all e-mail addresses.

What are your opening hours?

Our baby care specialists are available during business hours. After hours, please visit the contact page and complete the necessary information and you’ll receive an answer as soon as possible.