Unicare Company provides affordable ultra thin diapers, pants & wet wipes.

Babies deserve products that absorb like no other, have no risk of leaking and are superbly comfortable for babies to wear. Our diapers have magical tubes to prevent leakage.

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Hurray! The little one is born or has his birthday again… If your child is not yet potty trained, you will have to get started with diapers. Whether you’re just starting out or want to switch to a different type of diaper, at BebeDiapers we care about baby’s and the environment. All our products are CO2 neutral produced. And have a special ‘healthy’ layer without petrolatum, no chlorine, no dye, no latex and no perfume. Furthermore premium quality at affordable prices is what you can expect from us. Get these ultra thin diapers for your baby today!

Fluffless product design

Our manufacturer has fully qualified and proven out a fluff free product technology since 2011. In our baby diapers this has led to new levels of product compression and cube within the consumer packaging. This resulted in relatively fewer lorries on the road and the more efficient usage of materials to maximize product performance. The product designs have also received great feedback – comfort and fit to the body being notable step changes for the parents comparing to other baby diapers.

Optimal protection with Magical Tubes!

Magical Tubes have been proven to reduce urine leakage, and can be seen to improve the fit of the product and enable the flow of air when wearing a diaper. With a fast and uniform adsorption thanks to Magical Tubes technology and double leak barriers, up to 12 hours of leak protection.

Magical Tubes in Unicare Company diapers

Magics diapers are the best choice for your baby, They combine safety & respect for your baby’s delicate skin. An optimal protection against leakage (up to 12 hours) and comfortable to wear thanks to ultra soft & breathable materials. Furthermore they have an excellent quality/price ratio.

The Magics diapers have a special ‘healthy’ layer: 0% petrolatum, 0% chlorine, 0% dye, 0% latex and 0% perfume.

But these are not only the best for your baby also the environment benefits! Magics diapers are manufactured in Europe in a CO2 Neutral certified plant. For the well-being of future generations Magics act for the environment. This is why all production sites are powered by renewable energy.

Why choose our baby care products?

Unicare Company is committed to being a frontrunner in sustainable baby care products and providing eco-friendly options to meet and exceed consumer expectations. With a focus on the well-being of your baby and the environment.