Affordable healthcare for everyone with extra care for our planet.

Our product partner commits to continue being a frontrunner in sustainable packaging development and providing its customers with options to meet market requests for more circular and sustainable packaging solutions. As Unicare Company we are proud to sell these products and support the sustainability targets of our partner.

Modern equipment & Production

Our supplier of incontinence products operates with the latest generation machine platform production site in Europe. All production sites are either ISO® registered, or working towards registration. ISO® 13845, 14001 & 9001.

Production of our partner
Labratories of our production partner


For both quality assured and sustainability reasons our partner analysis & qualities all materials and finished products daily.

Health & Safety

With focus on employee safety within all production sites worldwide. All incidents & accidents are recorded and published. All sites are conducted on a continuing basis addressing labour standards, health and safety, environment and business ethics. The audits are performed by Sedex. Visit the Sedex website for more information.

Production of our partner

Production Waste

Our partner is committed at all production sites to maximize the recycling of production waste, and holds a strong preference for the incineration of waste where recycling is not possible given the conclusions to Product Life Cycle Analysis.

CO2 Neutral production

All of our incontinence products are produced CO2 Neutral. The European production processes are powered by renewable energy since 2020 and all other CO2 emissions are offset by supporting certified climate projects. In 2021 this sustainability effort continued by being the first carbon neutral manufacturer in the US. Even if you are incontinent, it doesn’t mean you cannot reduce your carbon footprint. Use our products for a better climate.

CO2 Neutral Production