Innovation & technology to produce the best incontinence products in the world.

Our product partner operates a latest generation machine platform at its flagship production site in Europe, and strives to modernise and update constantly across its nine production sites. This ensures outstanding results in the areas of efficient use of energy, managing dust within the plant environment and employee safety whilst also enabling focus on great product design where less really can become more.


Our supplier of incontinence products has introduced two absorbent core technologies into the market  that have moved the sustainable agenda forward, whilst challenging established thinking and helping the consumer to get more for less.

Innovation of incontinence products
Flash Dry Technology incontinence products

Flash Dry Technology

With the new Flash Dry technology, our product partner introduces a new core concept which helps to keep your baby fresh and dry at any time. Thanks to an increased capillary acceleration and tubing of the core, the diaper feels dry in no time. Flash Dry provides an excellent balance between fast dryness and leakage protection.

Magical Tubes®

Our product partner has introduced this new absorbent core technology to market in May 2017 and has brought it to retail shelves since October 2017. This extensively tested technology has been shown to result in lower leakage rates and therefore lower product consumption levels – meaning that less really can be more. It is also then true that this new core design has enabled more efficient usage of raw materials, again leading to a less is more result for the manufacturers sustainability agenda.

Magical tubes incontinence products