Our incontinence products especially designed for taking care of patients.

Incontinence material is personal: everyone moves differently and has a different preference. Unicare Company help you choose the right incontinence products for your patients. Feel free to send us a WhatsApp at +5999 6673747 or take a look at our range of incontinence products designed and developed for active/mobile or inactive people below. Read about the latest innovations, developments and products for incontinence. Find out where to buy these products in our guidance.

Solutions for incontinence patients.

With the right incontinence products your patient have more control over their life with unwanted urine and/or faecal loss. Choosing the right incontinence material for your patient is very personal. Is the patient a man, woman or child? How independent or mobile is the patient? Does he or she have an active or a passive lifestyle? Someone with the same profile in the same phase of life may still have a preference for a different product. We are happy to help you make a choice. So that the ideal solution matches the situation of your patient.

With Unicare Company you make a conscious choice for comfortable and skin-friendly quality products and the environment. As our products are carbon neutral produced using the latest technology to prevent a lot of waste.

Contact our care specialists today! They are happy to help you find the right product or a sample pack.

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