Body hygiene wipes are specially made for adults, and are also ideal for bedridden people.

Our Dailee Adult Body Hygiene Wipes are perfect for everyday clean-up and incontinence care. The wipes are made with an extra soft honeycomb fabric, dermatologically tested, and bio-degradable. Designed for safe body cleaning without the use of water. The wipes can be heated in a microwave (30 seconds, 700W), sold in an easy to open & close packaging. Because of the use of bisabolol, aloe vera extract and glycerin it softens the skin, moist the skin and contributes to skin cell regeneration.

  • Extra soft honeycomb fabric, dermatologically tested & bio-degradable
  • Aloe Vera extract for positive effect on irritated skin
  • Extra large size (22 x 30 cm)
  • Bisabolol has skin soothing anti-inflammatory & antimicrobial properties
  • Contains no alcohol, parabéns or soap
Size Item
22 x 30 cm W1900001

Important information about our Body Hygiene Wipes

YES. Bisabolol is a main component of chamomile essential oil. A powerful anti-oxidant that softens the skin and causes less skin flaking.

YES. Aloe Vera extract in a higher quantity that keeps the skin moist (prevents dehydration of the skin) and contributes to skin cell regeneration.

YES. Glycerin keeps the skin moist, promotes cell regeneration, softens the skin and is wound healing.

NO. Phenoxyethanol. A popular preservative in the cosmetics industry, but can cause dermatitis and/or irritation with damaged skin.

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