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Incontinence material is personal: everyone moves differently and has a different preference. Unicare Company help you choose the right incontinence material on a daily basis. Feel free to send us a WhatsApp at +5999 6673747 or take a look at our range of incontinence products designed and developed for men below. Read about the latest innovations, developments and products for mens incontinence. Find out where to buy these products.

Solutions for male incontinence.

Usually the complaints indicate a benign prostate enlargement or bladder infection. However, there are also men diagnosed with prostate cancer every year. The earlier it is diagnosed, the better prostate cancer can be treated. It is also important to ask for help in time for other urination problems and forms of incontinence – especially when there is blood in the urine or painful urination. Pelvic floor exercises, medicines or a surgical procedure can be a solution for the complaints. In addition, a modified diet can make an important difference. Being overweight can be a cause of incontinence and increase the symptoms. But drinking alcohol, caffeinated drinks such as coffee and tea and eating hot peppers can also increase the risk of incontinence. The same goes for reduced fluid intake. This can cause urine that is too concentrated, resulting in an irritated bladder. 1.5 liters to 2 liters of water per day for men is the minimum, even if there is incontinence.

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