Our incontinence products especially designed for women.

Incontinence material is personal: everyone moves differently and has a different preference. Unicare Company help you choose the right incontinence material on a daily basis. Feel free to send us a WhatsApp at +5999 6673747 or take a look at our range of incontinence products designed and developed for women below. Read about the latest innovations, developments and products for womens incontinence. Find out where to buy these products.

Solutions for women’s incontinence.

A general practitioner, continence nurse or pelvic floor therapist can help to reduce or even completely remedy incontinence in women. Unintentional leakage of urine is very normal for these professionals. There is therefore no need to be ashamed of urination problems such as incontinence. By following pelvic floor physiotherapy, doing bladder training or adjusting the eating and drinking pattern, results can often be achieved quickly.

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