1. Using extra inserts prevents leaks

Not true. If you do not use the inserts that are specially designed for use in a slip or pants, it leads to leakage and skin irritation. In addition, it is also very uncomfortable. The solution is to choose a heavier bandage, with a greater absorption capacity and the right fit. See our Premium and Performer Products.

2. Incontinence only occurs in elderly people

Not true. Incontinence can occur at any age and is much more common than previously thought. 1 in 4 women and 1 in 8 men will experience it at some point. Women under the age of 65 who lose urine usually have stress incontinence. Stress incontinence is urine leakage that occurs during exertion or straining, or during sneezing or coughing. Pregnancy and childbirth are important risk factors for developing stress incontinence. With men, the cause of incontinence is usually located in the bladder or prostate. Incontinence can then develop with exertion or urgency. Chronic illnesses and certain medications can also lead to incontinence.

3. With incontinence it is better to stay at home

Not true. Many people who are permanently incontinent still lead a pleasant life. By using the right incontinence product, all normal activities – from work to sports – can continue. The general practitioner, incontinence nurse and we too can play an important role in finding the right incontinence product.

4. A larger size incontinence pants, for example XL, can absorb more urine.

Not true. Although some brands, the larger pants absorb more urine, in general it is all about the fit. Too large incontinence pants that fits poorly increases the risk of leakage. Instead, the material must be changed before it is saturated. In addition, it is important that the suture material fits well on the skin.

5. Incontinence product is all the same

Not true. There are differences between incontinence materials and also brands. Incontinence products are precisely tailored to the specific need, which differs per person. Someone who has to sit or lie down for a long time needs different products (Performer Products) than someone who is still (reasonably) active (Premium Products). By choosing the right product for the right person, leakage can be prevented. In addition, there is a more economical consumption of materials and optimum comfort.