Ensure protection, comfort, and confidence everywhere you go

Fecal incontinence affects approximately 1 in 12 adults globally, causing anxiety and embarrassment due to leaks and odors. Most standard incontinence products cater to light urinary leaks, leaving individuals managing bowel incontinence searching for better solutions. Thankfully, Unicare Company offers a range of specialized Dailee products designed to contain even the heaviest bowel leaks, providing peace of mind and dignity.

Best adult diapers for fecal incontinence

For optimal protection outside the home, consider adult diapers with tabs. These diapers offer adjustable fits, particularly crucial around the leg area where most leaks occur. With a plastic backing, these diapers effectively contain odors, ensuring confidence and discretion throughout the day. Remember to change the diaper after each bowel void to maintain cleanliness and comfort.

Looking for an alternative to traditional diapers? Our range of discreet and reliable shaped pads provides an excellent solution for managing bowel incontinence while staying dry and confident.

Bowel incontinence pads

Finding reliable bowel incontinence pads can be challenging, but Dailee has you covered with larger-sized liners offering superior protection. These pads are discreet yet effective, providing the confidence you need to go about your day without worry.

Skin & odor control products

Effective skincare is essential for managing bowel incontinence. Prevent skin issues by using durable wipes that clean, moisturize, and protect. Dailee Body Hygiene Wipes are specially designed to maintain skin health, ensuring comfort and well-being. The wipes can be heated in a microwave (30 seconds, 700W), sold in an easy to open & close packaging. Because of the use of bisabolol, aloe vera extract and glycerin it softens the skin, moist the skin and contributes to skin cell regeneration.

Live with dignity

Managing bowel incontinence shouldn’t mean sacrificing dignity. Premium products like Dailee Premium and Performer offer unparalleled protection, transforming everyday outings into stress-free experiences. 

Remember, regardless of the diaper’s capacity, it’s crucial to change it after each bowel void to maintain hygiene and freshness.