What can you do yourself to reduce incontinence?

Do you accidentally lose urine? For example, if you sneeze or laugh, or if you are doing physical exertion through work or sport? Then you’re really not alone. In the Caribbean there are more than seven million people who encounter this almost every day. Incontinence is very common and a very common thing. So you really don’t have to be ashamed. Above all, seek help and look for possible solutions to your problem. In this blog you can read more about the causes and especially more about what you can do yourself to reduce incontinence.

Why does it happen?

Incontinence is almost always caused by a physical or mental condition, such as weak pelvic floor muscles, obesity, use of medication or Parkinson’s disease. Always visit your doctor first to find out what the specific cause of your unwanted urine loss is. Which in any case generally increases the risk of incontinence:

  • smoking (coughing)
  • overweight
  • operations or radiation in the pelvic area
  • pregnancy, childbirth and menopause
  • old age

What can you do to reduce incontinence?

If you know what is the cause of unwanted urine loss, you can more easily work on a solution that suits you. What are possible solutions?

  • In any case, always urinate when you feel the urge. Don’t hold your pee for too long. When you urinate, make sure you empty your bladder calmly and relaxed without applying any pressure.
  • Make sure you drink enough, but avoid too many drinks with caffeine and alcohol. These stimulate your bladder, so that the chance of urine loss increases.
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle. Losing weight helps if you are overweight. A healthy weight provides you with many benefits. But by reducing the pressure on the bladder and pelvic floor muscles, it can also greatly help to reduce incontinence. Exercise and sports strengthen your muscles. So go for a walk, bike ride, whatever you like. And stop smoking. This is healthy anyway, but also reduces incontinence due to coughing.
  • Train your pelvic floor muscles every day by tightening them regularly. Please note, you must continue to do this to prevent recurring complaints.
  • Your doctor can also advise you about surgery.
  • Finally, by choosing the right incontinence material, your quality of life can also be significantly improved. Take a look at our products and read more about the various options.

As you can see, there are several steps you can take to reduce your incontinence. Do not continue to struggle with it alone, but share your problem and find a solution that helps you.