We know the planet is warming due to greenhouse gases that we humans are emitting into the atmosphere. It is clear we need to reduce those emissions dramatically and quickly, to avoid the worst effects of climate change. And we know that the scale of this challenge will require unprecedented collaboration between every part of society.  We all need to take responsibility for our own emissions. At UniCareCompany we welcome this challenge. But to be a part of the solution, it helps to know just how much you’re a part of the problem. And there’s a lot more to the problem than just the petrol in our cars and the energy in our outlets. 

This is where the idea of a carbon footprint comes in. Carbon footprint is a concept used to quantify the impact of an activity, a person or a country on climate change. Our carbon emissions leave a print on the planet, just as a foot leaves a print on the ground. I hear you say ‘CO2 is a gas. How can a gas have weight?’ Actually, all matter has weight. To picture one ton of pure CO2 in its gaseous form at room temperature, imagine a ball 10 meters in diameter. It’s a handy measurement of the total impact that a person, or product, or organization is currently having on the climate. 

Basically, your carbon footprint is a measure of all the carbon dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gas emissions caused by your activities across the year. This also include all the trips you took or for example all the electricity you used. Next to that it’s also the emissions that went into making and transporting our incontinence products you consumed. So it works at the level of our product too.

UniCareCompany is passionate about helping you to reduce your carbon footprint every day! 

In fact, we consider it an opportunity We have teamed up with the first CO2 neutral producer of incontinence products in the world. Like us our partner placed great emphasis on resource efficient production using modern equipment supported by a cutting-edge laboratory. Implementing leading industrial practice to ensure traceability, transparency and the strive to go beyond compliance. 

What it means for each of us, and why UniCareCompany believes in it. 

We are all responsible for our own carbon emission because of our activities, lifestyles and consumption patterns. The same is true for UniCareCompany. The responsibility for the emissions in each stage of our products’ life cycles rests with us. A focus on reducing our carbon footprint is the honest way forward, and for us at UniCareCompany, the most important one.

There’s a lot to accomplish, but we get there together. 

To avoid the worst effects of climate change, we need to shrink the annual carbon footprint of every person on Earth. It’s clear we are in this together and we need to make a change. Buying your CO2 Neutral produced incontinence products at UniCareCompany really helps!

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